Om Nom, Adelphi Hotel, Melbourne

I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life and didn’t know this boutique hotel existed. Shame! I only experienced it by chance. I met a friend of mine for lunch at  Supernormal to try Andrew McConnell’s famous lobster rolls and noticed the Adelphi across the street.

I decided to pop over and have a look after lunch. Quirky is the best way to describe this Hotel. Once inside you’re mesmerised by the artwork, the fragrant smells, the atmosphere and vibe of the place. The staff are inviting and friendly. As written on their website, one of their objectives is to ‘engage your senses.’ It certainly does that!


Art Work In the Foyer

The small restaurant, just through the foyer, is called Om Nom – a word which originated from the TV show Sesame Street through one of the shows characters, The Cookie Monster. The phrase ‘Om Nom’ can be defined as ‘the sound of eating something absolutely delicious’ and that’s what this place truly offers. I noticed the restaurant is small and intimate, however you’re not sitting on top of one another which is what I really like. I advise you to make a reservation though, it does book out!

Sitting at the bar, I read through the grazing menu. It caters for everyone’s tastes and requirements and is designed for sharing. It’s the desserts and cocktails that’ll blow your mind. Check out the Om Nom Menu

Within 5 minutes, I had an appetite for a cocktail. Unfortunately I had to wait. The ‘cocktail experts’ didn’t start until 5pm. It was only 3.30pm. I had to settle for a gin and tonic and wait.. I must confess, I did squeeze in a dessert and that in itself was a masterpiece.


Endless Summer – coconut sorbet, sesame oil, coconut Malibu foam, pickled pineapple, lime tapioca, coriander jelly, pineapple and ginger granita d/f  g/f

Once the dessert was done and dusted, I settled back into a comfortable chair overlooking Flinders Lane and with the huge sliding window open, I people watched all afternoon.

Hooray! 5pm. Cocktails. I ordered a Secret Garden. Might I say well worth the wait.


Secret Garden – Cucumber gin, crisp cucumber, mint, elderflower, fresh pressed apple, served on a bed of edible soil with chocolate absinthe jelly worms and rose scent

A really great place and nice way to spend an afternoon or evening. Next time I’m going for dinner. I can’t wait to taste the food.

187 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (+61) 3 8080 8827

The Diners Verdict: It is a rare treat to find somewhere that has real personality of its own. This place knows what it is. It understands the demographic it’s trying to attract and caters that way perfectly. A beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Melbourne. A true hidden gem.

P.S Don’t forget your wallet!


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