Claypots Seafood Bar. Great “seafood” without the “seaview”

Happy New year!

I often feel the urge to eat some fresh seafood (maybe twice a year) but never know where to go. That is, where they serve legitimate Australian seafood and where it’s fresh. I’d heard about this institution ‘Claypots’ in St Kilda for years but tried it for the first time New Years Eve for lunch. The day was glorious so off we went to St Kilda.

Straight to the point….Claypots is not a white linen 5 star seafood restaurant. It’s more of a cafe feel – relaxed and inviting. Inside is quite dark and tables spread either side of the open kitchen. It was sunny 24c day so I opted to sit in the small pebbled courtyard under a tree. Don’t sit on the table that’s next to the door and the huge palm tree. There’s this hanging boat that acts as a birds nest. I watched a couple of birds moving around inside this  and laughed thinking imagine if  one of those birds pooped onto the table of diners below…well it happened!! How embarrassing! The lady was not happy..


The birds nest. Don’t sit on the table that’s under this nest!

Anyway back to our table. Very nice…Mediterranean…I could of been in Spain.  In the shade, a glass of wine in hand, now….what to order?

The blackboard menu changes daily. The Manager told me they only sell what’s in season and what’s offered to them in the morning by the sellers. (Very nice) There’s plenty to choose from. When you see the prices next to the menu item it does seem on the higher side but don’t be alarmed. One fish dish is easily shared between  2 – 3 people. Know this before you order because you can over order thinking it won’t be enough.

We had – Garlic Prawns. Waiter asked how many prawns? I didn’t understand until she said $10 per prawn. I choked then ordered 3. They were the size of mini lobsters. Prawns from Broome. Delicious!!


Garlic prawns. Order extra bread to dip into the oil.

6 oysters to try them. They’re served with lemon, salt and tabasco on the side. Fresh!


Oysters – Fresh and tasty!

Baked Cajun spiced flathead. I have never tasted fish baked with such flavour. A sweet tang!  This photo doesn’t do the dish justice. It was so good.


Cajun Flathead. Delicious!!

Diners Verdict: This place is not fancy, but if you want a really fresh seafood lunch or dinner, this is your place. Allow about $40.00 per head which includes a glass of wine and a couple of beers. If this place had water views, the prices would double!!

03 9534 1282

A$90 for two people (approx.)

Open 12pm – 3pm then 6pm – 10pm
213 Barkly Street, St Kilda, Melbourne

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