I’m not a fan of outer suburban restaurants!

Paradise Road Thai, Glen Waverley

Growing up, I didn’t like just going around the corner from home for dinner. It didn’t feel like you were ‘really’ going out. That’s stayed with me until now. I’m not sure if it stems from my Mum & Dad. We lived in the outer suburbs and I remember our family always going to the City or Carlton for dinner. It was a long drive. It was a night out. “We’re going out for dinner!”

Anyway, I know, I know… there are some fabulous restaurants now in the suburbs. Paradise Road Thai in Glen Waverley is one of them. Why?

  1. It’s a vibrant place –  which is a nice environment to be in
  2. The service is fantastic
  3. The food is authentic Thai, not a mixture of Chinese/Malaysian/Thai & Japanese food
  4. If you order Lamb Massaman Curry, you are served a lovely sized dish full of Lamb Massaman Curry.  Not a bowl of sauce with a few peanuts and quarter of a potato floating in it. That’s why!

At other Thai places, I’m sick of paying $26+ for a beef curry that comes in a small soup bowl – (looks like soup too)  with a few pieces of gristle instead of meat….. OR a stir fry chicken dish that is all carrots, crushed peanuts and bean shoots, OR three tiny spring rolls that need to be sent back because they are still frozen inside!!!!!  Know what I’m saying?

I first ate at Paradise Road over 6 years ago and I rarely rate a suburban restaurant as highly as this. Each time I go out for Thai anywhere, I compare it with this place. It’s just because it’s good…I returned last week having not been there for over a year. It didn’t disappoint. The same great Thai food I remembered…vibrant, fresh and tangy. The people working there….Happy! A great dinner with friends.

It’s not hard to find either because this dining precinct is full of Chinese restaurants. This Thai place does stick out.

Prawn on a Betel leaf, peanuts, coconut, ginger & shallots, fresh cut chilli & warm tangy dressing

Wrap the prawn on a Betel leaf, coconut, ginger & shallots, fresh cut chilli & warm tangy dressing – explosion!

I can’t remember the names of these dish’s but they were so tasty!!

The owners do pride themselves on the authenticity of their menu, and the freshness of their produce.

The menu is authentic Thai

Dinner Mon – Sun 5pm to 10.30 pm
Lunch Wed – Sun 12pm to 2.30 pm

171 Coleman Pde Glen Waverley 3150. 9561 1888

The Diners Verdict – If you like Thai, I guarantee you will love the food at this place. Let me know you’re thoughts if you do go!


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