8bit -A burger that tastes real!

A Mate & I popped into 8bit (not sure where the name comes from.) for a bite. I’ve walked past it a few times but hadn’t tried it. A burger place that’s been in the City for about a year. We sat along the bar area facing the kitchen. You can grab a table if that suits. It’s a small place (Swanston St) but the service is quick so you’re sure to get a seat. Speaking of which, I sat on a bar stool….no foot rest on the stools! Doh!

Look, these are nice and tasty burgers. Fact is, Melbourne is filling up with new burger joints, before the US invasion of franchises like “In-N- Out burger” and “Carl’s Jr”  hit our shores big time. I haven’t found  a “newby” that really stands out yet. All the same template – Loud, bright, limited menu, fast…we were in and out in 20 mins – leaving with that “I feel like a sleep now” feeling..

The 8bit menu isn’t that extensive. You can get fries, hot dogs and shakes. Oh..I forgot to mention I love the little paper holder they place the burger in,  for you to hold the burger without spilling half of it over your pants. Nice!

Check out the menu – Menu

The Diners Verdict: If you want to grab a quick burger, one that tastes good, uses fresh ingredients and you are in Swanston St, then I would choose this place over Macca’s any day!
231 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000


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