Lot 1. Sydney -Cool, yet not pretentious

At last…a new , hip establishment called Lot.1 Sydney, where even I felt “cool” amongst the people.

You know – First impressions – “shit” this is terrible, who booked this? Or “I don’t belong here, I’m ugly,” or “how can I do business here when I’m sharing a table with a couple of 18 year olds on their first date” You know what I mean. This place is nothing like that.

When you first walk in it feels good. You’re genuinely welcomed and you can’t wait to sit down and settle in. This is place is nice!

I was a bit stressed when I got there. I needed to find a quiet space at 9pm for a conference call. Now, being a food blogger sure opens doors haha. Not really, I was with some music mates who had some pull. “No problem, use my office” said Executive Chef Adam Swanson (what a genuinely nice guy – makes you feel like you’ve been a friend for life) who eagerly took me on a quick tour of the four spaces they spent $6m renovating. Very proud! People everywhere. A vodka bar with 50 different vodkas, another bar area (I forgot the name of) and an espresso bar . What I was also impressed with was the Private Dining Room just off the main restaurant area. It was very private,  great vibe, and still had the noise and vibrance of the main restaurant. Promoters, a great room to host an Act. Great design!

I would like to point out I take all of the photo’s. ….I know …I’ll get better!

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I was treated to a selection of dishes chosen by Adam. Great fresh food with fantastic tastes. Traditional Italian dishes with twists that work, unlike some chefs who try to muck with traditional tastes and totally screw it up. You know what I mean…. There is NOTHING WORSE than ordering a dish that you can see and taste before it gets to you, only to find its nothing like that when it arrives. Terrible! I hate that and normally ask my wife if she’d like to swap her meal with me? The food Adam serves up is “Party in my mouth” stuff. Clever starters, not just a pea embedded in some froth extracted from an Argentinian clam served on a massive plate. Then pasta – homemade in the kitchen and trust me, you can tell…amazing! – presented beautifully and substantial. The service – impeccably attentive and happy!

The Diners Verdict – It’s a must try when in Sydney. Ask for Adam. If he’s there he’ll pop up and say hello. Lovely guy!

Lot.1 Sydney,  18/20 York St, Sydney, Ph: 02 9279 3555

Lot.1 Sydney, Website


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  1. Awesome Rob ! I’m loving your blog.
    Can’t wait to read and see more of the wonderful places you visit. Will check this place out in Sydney 😄

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  2. Thanks Jo, spread the word! xx



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