Month: December 2016

I’m not a fan of outer suburban restaurants!

Growing up, I didn’t like just going around the corner from home for dinner. It didn’t feel like you were ‘really’ going out. That’s stayed with me until now. I’m not sure if it stems from my Mum & Dad. We lived in the outer suburbs and I remember our family always going to the… Read More ›

Ichi Ni Japanese Restaurant, St.Kilda

Yeah yeah… haha…Ichi Ni…so scratch it…haha. If you like Japanese cuisine, then you must try this place in St Kilda. It’s just across from the Sea Baths and next door to the Espy. A client/friend of mine introduced me to Ichi Ni a couple of years ago. It’s his restaurant of choice. I always enjoyed… Read More ›

Sushi Train – Makoto

Put this down as a quick eat. If you’re at the Emporium in Melbourne, or close by,  and feel like some sushi or sashimi, check out Makoto – its a sushi train place. You can order and take away, but if you have 15 – 30 minutes, just sit at the counter and choose from… Read More ›

The House of Wine & Food

Last night a client of mine took ‘me’ to dinner – it’s normally the other way around! He made a reservation at the old Cricketers Arms Hotel in Port Melbourne for 5 of us. Built over 150 years ago, what was once a local haunt for a parma and a pot has been transformed into a… Read More ›

8bit -A burger that tastes real!

A Mate & I popped into 8bit (not sure where the name comes from.) for a bite. I’ve walked past it a few times but hadn’t tried it. A burger place that’s been in the City for about a year. We sat along the bar area facing the kitchen. You can grab a table if that… Read More ›

Ciao pizza napoli

You might remember me saying that I’d rather eat at a food court than in Hardware Lane, Melbourne. Well….did I offend someone?

New York’s Hidden Gem, La Esquina Downstairs Review

So ‘young happening scene guy’ tells me of one of the coolest places he’d been to in a long time is La Esquina in Soho, New York. “Book though or you’ll have no chance.”

Lot 1. Sydney -Cool, yet not pretentious

At last…a new , hip establishment called Lot.1 Sydney, where even I felt “cool” amongst the people.

Quick lunch at AJisen Ramen – Melbourne Central

A regular lunch spot for a quick Japanese curry where you can’t go wrong. Arisen Ramen is a chain of fast food restaurants from Japan (good guess.) My colleague and I always order the chicken curry with rice. It’s $12.00! It’s cheap.. served in a large bowl with the rice and curry separated. You do… Read More ›


Today I had a wonderful lunch with colleagues at Silks Chinese restaurant. For the record, I don’t like Chinese food or Chinese restaurants. The gluey sauces, the MSG, the cooked pineapple, the plastic prawns, the gristle meat and the over powering saltiness. Not to mention, most chinese restaurants have a leaking fish tank with mind… Read More ›

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